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Anything is possible when your Indian hair vendor is located in New York

Get a full head of hair from India delivered tomorrow

Our single donor bundles, frontals, closures & wigs are perfectly matched. This makes our hair lasts years instead of months


Adedamola Alabi | CEO of AdeKerrHair

confidently shop for the perfect hair

AdeKerr hair is 100% single donor hair

Our hair does not tangle or shed. Our hair takes color and lifts easily. Each bundle is full from root to tip. If you’re using a frontal your
installation will likely require only two bundles


Our Hair is Chemical Free

Ever experience tangling, shedding, or scalp irritation...it is NOT your fault.  Most hair companies chemically process their hair to try and make it look good.  This processing often causes tangling, shedding, and scalp irritation.

Our Hair is Picture Perfect

Every model you see is wearing AdeKerr hair. Most are wearing one of our wigs. There are no stock photos here. Every picture or video you see is our own. Every bundle, frontal, closure or wig that you see is AdeKerr hair.

Our Hair is Guaranteed

When you receive your hair please inspect it & wash it.  If our hair doesn’t meet your standards return return it for a full refund.

Overnight Shipping

All of our products are in stock at our distribution in New York and are available to be shipped anywhere in the world overnight.

Don't see what you are looking for... Contact us to place a custom order.


How It Works

Approximately 30,000 people visit Tirumala Venkateswara daily.  The process of donating hair is referred to as tonsuring.  A set of colored rubber bands is used to create a ponytail.  The hair is then shaved and collected in large metal cylinders.  We purchase this tonsured hair directly from Tirumala Venkateswara in large sealed bags.  We clean the hair and create...

How To Shop

1) Select your wig color, hair texture & length.
2) Choose between a closure or frontal wig.
3) Provide your measurements.

We will deliver your new wig in two weeks.

Once the hair follicles grow from your scalp they are no longer connected to a blood supply. The follicles rely on the nourishment that you provide during your hair routine.

New hair growth can come from a better diet, exercise, and healthy habits.
Long hair doesn’t receive nourishment from your body.
Long hair relies on your grooming habits.
Here is a list of other common reasons your human hair wig won’t dye.  
1) Your wig is covered in product. Before you begin the process of dying your wig it is best to wash the hair. This will remove any product in the hair. After washing dry the hair. Don’t use conditioner. You should shampoo & condition your wig after the dying process. Make sure to use color safe products. 

You have to get confident in your numbers, but what are your numbers...Punch all of your information into the spreadsheet below. This spreadsheet will crunch your numbers and identify what you need to charge your customers.  Click the link below to download our Salon Pricing Workbook