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Why won't my human hair wig dye?

Assuming you know what you are doing. Or at least following instructions. The most common reason your human hair wig won’t dye is because it’s not 100% human hair. The hair industry isn’t regulated. Be sure you buy your wig from a trusted source. There are ways to tell if the hair in your wig is 100% human, but we will leave that for another day.

Here is a list of other common reasons your human hair wig won’t dye.

1) Your wig is covered in product. Before you begin the process of dying your wig it is best to wash the hair. This will remove any product in the hair. After washing dry the hair. Don’t use conditioner. You should shampoo & condition your wig after the dying process. Make sure to use color safe products.

2) You aren’t using the right mixture of dye & developer. Check the instructions on your products. Make sure you measure. Dying hair is part art & part science. By following instructions you can get the science part right. The art is being able to tell how much dye the hair can handle without going over. This takes practice and is why we recommend leaving this work to professionals.

3) Your hair dye has expired. This isn’t something that manufactures want you to know. The chemicals in hair dye expire after approximately 3 years. Beauty products don’t usually display their expiration date. Check your products for their manufacturing date. If you’re dye or developer is more than 2 years old…it is likely expired.

4) You didn’t let the hair set in the dye long enough. When we lift AdeKerr hair we take our time. A wig doesn’t mind being covered in chemicals overnight. This is the advantage of dying a wig versus your natural hair. We recommend using less intense chemicals over a longer period of time. This will be less harsh on the hair and help you achieve better results.

I hope this article helps. If you have any questions please feel free to schedule some time with us to discuss. We love helping clients.

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Adedamola Alabi
CEO - AdeKerr