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Attn Stylists: Turn $1,521 into $4,240

For the past two years, we have been working on making the perfect wig. We use only single donor hair, so the hair is always fabulous. Yet, when it comes to wigs…we needed more than amazing hair.

We needed top quality wig caps with transparent thin lace.

We needed the knots to be small and disappear when bleached.

Making a wig is part art and part science. We have mastered both.


What is the catch...

You can get the perfect wig for as low as $169. However, we can only produce 36 wigs per month.

This is because of the greater attention to detail.
- Each wig is handcrafted
- Each wig takes 6 days to create
- We have 6 qualified wig makers

That is 36 wigs each month

You have to buy at least 3

We have three packages that we are offering each month. Once we have reached our capacity of 36 wigs, the package will close for the month.

Bronze = 3 wigs
Silver = 6 wigs
Gold = 9 wigs or more

What are the details...

Front lace wig made with 100% Indian natural wavy hair that can be lifted to any level.

The wig cap is 23" inch circumference.

Each wig comes with an elastic band.

These wigs have been pre-plucked but may require minimal customizing. 

Lace type is HD/Film lace and the color is light brown.  The lace can be tinted to match any skin complexion.

The density on these units are 150% density to allow for the most natural parting space throughout the wig.

The bundles used in these units are perfectly flat against the wig cap.

This hair blends with any hair type and can withstand heat in excess of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions
(212) 203-6326

What is the cost...

These wigs retail for twice the costs below. By obtaining these wigs you will double your investment.

1) Make a wig purchase.

2) Offer your customers an install package.

3) Double your money & obtain new clients by providing the best wig they have ever seen.


When we reach 36 orders this page will be closed for the month.